Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Return to blogging

Maybe... some days I feel like blogging, and other days I don't. Many days I miss the interaction I have had with you all! (If anyone even stops by here anymore!)

Our transition to Oregon has gone really well. We really love our little town and the Oregon coast. The weather is turning to winter grey, but we still love it - if possible, even more than sun. We're hearing from locals that we'll be running into more grumpiness out and about because a lot of people really hate the constant grey. Both Mike and I really like it so far.
We've LOVED the farmer's market this summer - we went every Saturday morning until this last week. It is over until next spring :( The tomatoes have been amazing - and huge bunches of fresh basil! Yum. I've been experimenting with squash to find ones Mike will eat. He has liked the spaghetti squash and the butternut. Not so much the acorn or the delicata. (I love them all!)

We found an amazing organic farm nearby called Barking Dog. We love the place - the produce is awesome and the owners are super-friendly and fun! Again, we're sad to see them close for the winter...
We LOVED the Kite Festival on the beach near us. It was so fun - we spent about 8 hours down on the sand that day. Took lots of photos and videos. We'll definitely look forward to going to the spring festival as well! We're also discovering some amazing local restaurants! We love trying new places. (Favorites so far include Riptide BBQ, Beach Dog, and J's Fish and Chips. Mike is eating fish! Can you believe it?!)

As always, I have taken tons of ocean pictures. I'll share a few, but you can go to my flickr page and see them all if you're interested.

We love our little apartment and our amazing view. Lots of sunrise pictures too - taken from our balcony looking over the lake.

Our cats have transitioned well too. They like being able to go out on the balcony - almost outside!

I'm starting to work on my own website - Off-Center Studio ( - coming soon!) so that I can take on some new clients and build some new websites! It's a bit daunting to design my own, but I'm getting excited to do it! I'm also looking forward to taking a couple classes at the culinary center here in Lincoln City!


  1. I've been wondering about you! It's good to hear you're settling in and liking your new home. I've never lived along the OR coast but I have vacationed there and I had the best was around Thanksgiving one year and it was a bit gray but I didn't mind it. I think I prefer that to blazing sun like I have here all summer long.

  2. I for one am happy to hear about you and your new life in any way I can. Blogging can be tiresome and there are always issues like nasty commenters but then there are fabulous people who make up for everything.

    I love the Barking Dog! What an awesome name and you are surrounded by so much beauty and Nature, sigh. Yes, the greys are coming but I found it so peaceful in comparison to the cruel white of snow and ice. Funny, we are finally getting some sun but it's freezing here!

    Congratulations on getting your URL and your company officially rockin' and rollin' Tammy. Yay for you!

  3. it sounds like it's been a really wonderful transition! I love the coastal part of oregon (and portland) so much! If I had my way I'd move even farther west to be nearer than the 8 hours I am now...