Monday, August 31, 2009

N.E.D. - Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted. Things have been a bit hectic as we try to settle into our new life here in Oregon! I'll have an update soon, and I hope to get back to regular posting as well. I have a lot of ideas floating around that I want to share!

But - today - I want to bring something to your attention. September (TOMORROW! Yikes!) is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. I wasn't aware of this fact until I received an email a little bit ago letting me know this. I was also asked to share this with you all here on my blog and I agreed because it is SO important!

On September 8, there will be a CD release party for a band called N.E.D. This band is made up of six doctors - gynecologic oncologists. N.E.D. stands for No Evidence of Disease. This "represents the hope that every gynecologic oncologist has for every patient: at the end of treatment the disease will be gone." This group of doctors is passionate about their cause and hope that their music will help bring awareness and knowledge about gynecologic cancers.

Check out this great CD - and pass on the good word about the work that this band is doing to raise awareness about cancer! (The music is all original and it's really good in my opinion!) :) On the widget below you can hear the music, learn more about N.E.D., the facts, etc. If you're so drawn, you can donate as well.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm featured!

The amazing Jamie of Jamie Ridler Studios has featured me on her website. I participated in her Circe's Circle earlier this year, and it was an awesome experience!

Go check out my feature and the rest of Jamie's awesome website!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surprise visitor

We discovered a surprise visitor in my basil plant which I bought from a local farm. I had trimmed off the top leaves and made pesto (YUM!). Then I was cleaning out the dead leaves underneath, and saw what I hoped was a rock... NOPE. It was this:

Um... EWWWWW! Mike relocated our visiting slug to the grass outside. Blech.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Exercise never looked so good!

I haven't joined a gym with "buff" guys to look at! :) Nope - I've just moved near enough the ocean to walk along the sand every day!

My new "workout" place:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventures in Moving

We made it. A week ago today, we arrived in our new town - Lincoln City, OR.

We moved into our apartment the next morning - August 1. Mike did a great job picking out a place for us. It's small, but we're going to make it work. The views from our windows are spectacular!
It's about a 15 minute walk to the shore. The weather has been great, cool, some sun, some grey, and this morning it's raining.

The cats did amazingly well on the trip, and they are adjusting quickly to their new home too! All in all, it went as well as we could have hoped! Dropping Andrea (my best friend) and Jim (Mike's dad) off at the airport in Portland has been the hardest thing to do! They helped us with the drive, and it was very sad to see them go back to Colorado.

More later! Boxes are calling! (more pictures at Flickr.)