Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quick Update

Boy - trying to get ready to move is time-consuming (actually - all-consuming!)

Mike is flying out to Oregon on the 30th to find a house! Hopefully, if all goes well, he'll go ahead and sign a lease while there (we'll rent for a while - if we do love living on the coast, we'll consider buying at some point). If that does happen, he'll be able to give notice at his job right away and we'll plan to move mid-July or so.

Sorting through my boxes is almost done. We are having a garage sale this coming Saturday. I hope to get rid of a ton of stuff. (Almost literally!) If stuff doesn't sell, we'll be donating it, as I don't want to take it with us!

Once the garage sale is past, we will start packing up what we do plan to keep. Pshew!

I'll update as we know more ... wish for the best as Mike tries to find our house on the coast!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday

Think of this as my wishcasting post, and a quick update on the craziness of our life over the last couple of weeks.

This week, the question is "What is your wish for June?"

My wish for June is for everything to fall into place for our pending move to Oregon!

It has been a roller coaster ride. A house we liked fell through. We decided to wait to find out about a job for Mike in Raleigh, NC. That job fell through (which we've both decided is a good thing since we really want OR, not NC.)

I've been sorting and digging through all of my stuff, and really getting rid of a LOT. We were to have a garage sale this Saturday. Instead, we will be leaving for Texas in the morning to attend a funeral. Mike's great-uncle JE has passed away. We'll be driving down and come back on Sunday.

So - garage sale postponed, house hunting is ON, and purging of stuff is happening! (Our house looks like a hurricane went through here!)

June is only three days old, but it has been an eventful month. I hope that July will find us on the coast in our new house!!